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Originally from rural Minnesota, Stacy attended Syracuse University where she received her BFA, double majoring in Ceramics and Jewelry/Metalsmithing with a minor in Retail Management. Stacy has received several awards and scholarships for furthering her ceramic studies, including residencies at the Chautauqua School of Art, NY as well as The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China. After graduating, Stacy spent a year in St. Petersburg, FL as a resident artist at The Craftsman House. In 2019 she completed a yearlong Post-Baccalaureate program at Louisiana State University. The past four summers Stacy has worked at Touchstone Center for Crafts and taught several classes there including two 5-day workshops. Last winter Stacy spent 5 months as a ceramics intern at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado. She is currently pursuing an MFA in ceramics at West Virginia University. Her work has been shown in galleries     throughout the United States.


Beauty is only fully experienced through the activation of all the senses. Personally, I am drawn to nature's small, transient moments like a glistening dewdrop, a frost-encrusted branch, or the satin surface of a petal in sunlight. I strive to capture the beauty and emotion I experience in nature’s presence by replicating my perception of these sensuous details. The user is invited to engage with their senses as they experience the nuances of my work.


I also create porcelain tableware and serving sets designed for specific foods and beverages. My work is heavily based on researching the history and ingredients of each particular cuisine, which influence the overall design of the set. The details that go into my work are not easily recognizable to the uneducated viewer, such as the traditional form of a ‘noggin’ from the Victorian Era as seen in my Eggnog Punch Bowl Set. Another example is the celadon glazed, stepped platform of my Sake Set referencing the glinting terraces of rice fields in Japan. Every aesthetic decision is executed with intention and informed by my research.

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